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In the Djouma project, local communities play the protagonist role; they are at the core. Because of this, we don’t do volunteer work in Mali or Uganda. On the ground, we only hire locals and professionals that can make a living for their families.

However, if you are curious and motivated to use your time for a good cause and become part of an optimistic team, we welcome you to become part of the project. Everyone is welcome: regardless of what you do, in Djouma we would love to get you involved. Joining our network of volunteers in Spain is easy; you choose the level of commitment you make.

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Volunteer testimony

«It’s really simple and easy to get into the volunteer network.
It’s a project that transforms you and fulfills you with hope.»

Montse ,Law student

«I can dedicate as much time as I want to Djouma, which in my case means all the time that I possibly can.
Also, on part of the organization, they already know what they can expect from me.»

José Manuel ,translator and editor

«I like to apply my knowledge to projects that fulfill me. I’m interested
in doing volunteer work without having to travel to other countries.»

Chiara ,publicist and graphic designer

«Me, my sister and mother usually participate hands-on in
order to raise money for the street vendors.»

Natàlia ,teacher


The popular race of Igualada In the 40th edition of the popular race in Igualada, the service provider Aquasos, donated 0,50€ per participant to our projects. In total, 4,427 people ran.
Saint George’s day One year later, we enjoyed Saint George’s day in ‘El Masnou’ accompanied by different volunteers which made it possible that the holiday turned out to be a success.
Aid Work Fair As a project linked with the NGO CC ONG Ajuda al Desenvolupament (Development Aid), we were invited to participate in the Aid Work Fair in El Masnou, where we were selling donated toys and spreading more information about us.
Acceptance of the Teianenca award in 2018 For having founded Djouma and being the driving force of the Gomesi project in Uganda, Laia Dosta received this award of recognition.
Solidarity Concert in Remor All of the funds raised from the Eva Comas and Bernat Antolin de Eguia concert went to the Gomesi project for women’s empowerment in Uganda.
Day of Recognition in the University of Pompeu Fabra The reality of the Ugandan women and their role in project coordination: talk given on Women’s Day led by Stella Kulabira and Annet Njuba, two of the coordinators of ‘Petits Detalls’.
UPF Solidarity Fair One year later, the UPF invited us to participate in the two annual editions of the Aid Work Organisation Fair.

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If you want to give a special gift and at the same time collaborate with us on our projects, you’ve come to the right place. Visit our online store, place your home delivery order and your display of solidarity will be shipped right to Mali and Uganda.

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