In the summer of 2015, we found ourselves in Bamako, where we participated in a literacy project led by the CC NGO Development Aid. After seeing and experiencing all that the country had to offer, the 20th of August left a mark on us in a violent and definitive way. That day, we had gone to N’Gabacoro Droit. There we found a half-broken down shed that ended up being the waiting room of the community medical center (CSCOM, in the French abbreviation). It was a small hospital with a grim aspect: ceiling leaks, broken-down beds, dangling wires and a clear scarcity of resources.

After we left, in shock, we went to visit a family that lived in front of the hospital. It was there where we met the cheerful Djouma:

«Her mother told me that her name is Djouma. Djouma. A ray of sunlight, a serenade to life before death that I saw near the hospital.»

One month later, on September 26th 2015, we received tragic news: a light had been cut off in Mali.

«Djouma was only 5 months old. She caught malaria living in front of the hospital. I can’t stop thinking about it.»

That day, Laia’s diary entry would be the trigger for what was to come: some weeks later and thanks to the support of the CC NGO, we decided to fund the Djouma project. We proposed the ambitious project of accepting the offer that their medical team made us to refurbish the hospital. One year later, we made our dreams and goals a reality: on August 13th of 2016 we unveiled the refurbished CSCOM in N’Gabacoro Droit.

«If I close my eyes I can see myself arriving at N’Gabacoro just one year earlier. But this time we are heading towards a new medical center, without ceiling leaks or dangling cables everywhere. Djouma: a melody to life that keeps dreaming of other possibilities.»

Laia Dosta and Marina Palmés

We are young women with a lot of motivation to change the things that we consider to be within our reach. So, we work voluntarily with the goal of bringing together enough funds to develop projects that are carried out in tandem with local communities in Mali and Uganda that we personally supervise.

Our objective? To make the places that we love, a little more just, through small-scale, practical and affordable projects. Our hearts and all our efforts are put into Mali and Uganda.

The education community of Bandjougoubougou (Bamako).
Laia Dosta and Marina Palmés, co-founders Djouma.
Laia Dosta: one of the driving forces of the ONG.