Ugandan women’s empowerment

Since the endings of 2018 we bet on starting our work in Uganda alongside
Petit Detalls, on the project Gomesi, with the objective of achieving the financial
independence of 30 groups of women in the Jinja district.

900 women

They have benefited from this project that was implemented in the Butagaya
and Buyengo counties (Jinja district) in 2018.

The project is made up of three axis:

In 2018, almost 35% of the entrepreneurs in Uganda were women.

It is the country with the highest rate in the world.

Every week, all the members of the saving group contribute to a common treasury with an amount going from 0,25 to 1,25 €, to which they can request credits according to the amount previously contributed with a 5% interest.

We have put at the disposition to the members of each county, a financial consultant in charge of assessing the credit unions in their area, of giving support with compatibility and of guiding women to create business cooperatives(co-ops). This professional is also responsible for training in women’s leadership and entrepreneurship.

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Ugandan women are the beneficiaries of the Gomesi project.
We train Ugandan women in finances and entrepreneurship.
More than 80% of the members of the savings groups are women.

30 credit unions

that work as credit co-ops.


credits achieved.


new co-ops formed.

Dressmaking training course taught by professionals of the community.

In the monthly training sessions that last two weeks long, Gomesi women acquire skills such as soap-making, dressmaking, baking, cooking and local oven building free of cost.

In each county there is a Community-Based Trainer (CBT) that is in charge of motivating and helping women so that they are able to go to the training sessions, given by professionals of their community.

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According to a study of UN Women, women between 20 AND 34 years old are more likely to live on the threshold of poverty.
Through professional training, we build opportunities for women.
Investing in the empowerment of women is also an investment for future generations.

49 %

of average attendance in the training sessions in 2018.

The Gomesi project is open to all of the community, not only to women.

In order to achieve the empowerment of women, we organize monthly community discussions to identify and find solutions to real day-to-day problems of rural Ugandan women.

The person that conducts these sessions is the Facilitator: a professional that is in charge of choosing and researching the issue of the month and moderate discussions in both counties, open to all members of the community.

Problems on the Agenda

Child marriage and pregnancy, domestic violence, food security, child exploitation and schooling.

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One of the beneficiaries expresses her opinion of a community disagreement.
According to a study done by USAID (2016), 47% of Ugandan women have suffered physical or sexual violence at the hands of their partners.
Deborah Mutesi, coordinator of the Gomesi project, energizing one of the sessions,

42 %

average attendance of community members

involved in discussions.

62 %

average of men’s active participation

in the sessions.

33 %

average of women’s active participation

in the sessions.