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Let’s face COVID-19 in Mali

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Our story

In the summer of 2015, we found ourselves in Bamako, where we participated in a literacy project led by the NGO CC ONG ‘’Ajuda al Desenvolupament’’ (Development Aid). After seeing and experiencing all that the country had to offer, the 20th of August left a mark on us in a violent and definitive way. That day, we had gone to N’Gabacoro Droit. There we found a half-broken down shed that ended up being the waiting room of the community medical center (CSCOM, in the French abbreviation) – which was a small hospital with a grim aspect…
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«We Dream And We Act»

Our projects

We invest in the improvement of access to healthcare and education in the outskirts of
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We lend support to the empowerment of women through the promotion of credit unions, professional
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Friends School
We work with the youngest ones because they participate in the changes of the world
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